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We strive for a world where each person embodies their own personal strength and reaches their full potential. We provide the motivation that makes the difference between success and failure. Our vision is to change a culture of routine to make it a culture of achievement.


Hi, Lily

Co-founder and Head of Social Media

Lily is currently a junior student-athlete at Fairfield University. She is pursuing a double-major in Digital Journalism and Communications. Lily is a creative opportunist, she looks for platforms to project imaginary and innovative ideas. She seeks to motivate through creative inspiration and showing that imagination has no limits!

Hi, Jane

Co-founder, Head of Design, Head of IT

Jane is a self-proclaimed Swiss-Army Knife- resourceful, multi-faceted, and SHARP! She is a student at Villanova University studying English, but more importantly is her love of all things creative and motivating. She loves her dogs Bandit, a Border Collie, and Smokey, an Australian Shepherd.

Hi, Katie

Co-founder, Head of Content, Manager

Katie Crager is a young entrepreneur finishing her final year of high school. She is continuing her studies in Leadership, Business and Entrepreneurship at Georgetown University next year where she will also play Division I lacrosse. Katie lives by the motto, "stop talking, start doing". She takes consistent actions making her a driving force of change. Katie seeks to motivate through example and by taking aggressive action steps. Katie loves to primetime to get her day started!


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